WOCShop - Monday, August 22, 2022, 1:20 pm - 5:00 pm

Creating a safe space for Women of Color (WOC) to simply exist.

When the lines of communication are compromised, practices that eliminate diversity and create exclusive spaces perpetuate. Women of Color (WOC) are disproportionately marginalized when a workforce lacks appropriate levels of genuine communication and integration.

Our series of WOCShops are geared to destroy barriers suppressing WOC and change the cultural climate in the workplace by providing participants the opportunity to talk, listen, reflect, and transform.

Developed and facilitated by WOC, our WOCShops provide the lived experience of both racial and gender oppression adding a layer of insight not found in traditional DEI workshops.

Dr. Moore’s presentation will preface and introduce some of the concepts to be covered in the Women of Color workshop (WOC shop) offered Monday afternoon.  A WOC Space, LLC is a consulting and training company focused on changing the cultural climate for Women of Color (WOC) in the workplace. Our mission is to provide allies and people of color accessible tools and WOCShopsTM to create and maintain an equitable, productive and inclusive workforce. If you are interested in attending please check the box in your registration form so that we can plan for the group.