This program provides a multi-layered and in-depth assessment on the skills and proficiencies needed for meaningful dialogues on the impacts that our changing climate is having on our fisheries science and aquatic resources. 

The three main elements of the program:

Narrative: Exploring the psychology of how people retain information, this component will focus on a how to structure and refine messaging so that it is both impactful and memorable.

Connection: This component will address the challenges that scientists face when communicating with unreceptive or apathetic audiences. Skill-building exercises will work on way to connect with audiences to build an environment of mutual respect.

Presentation: The status quo on how scientist typically present their work will be scrutinized and why that can form a barrier to having an audience understanding, remember, and believe climate impacts.  Training will focus on ways to break these barriers to inspire both science and non-science audiences.

In addition, the Climate Communications Training track will utilize the climate-oriented presentations at the AFS annual meeting as part of the training.  This also allows for a lower course cost as conference facilities can be used.

The components of the program:

  • Early August: Online Training with two one-hour sessions
  • August 20-21: In-person Workshops. Saturday evening (7:00-9:00pm) and Sunday (8:00am-3:00pm)
  • August 22-25: AFS Annual Meeting Assignments: Participants will attend the AFS annual meeting to attend climate focused symposia and talks to assess communication messaging.
  • August 25: Assessment Workshop: Thursday 8:00am-11:00am
  • Post-Meeting Sessions: Two one-hour sessions and community of practice sessions

Course fee includes in-person AFS conference registration, over 20 hours of course training, meals during workshop sessions in Spokane, WA, and all course materials.

Course fees: AFS members $950. Non-AFS member $1150.

If you do not have a membership or existing account with AFS, you will be asked to create a free account first in order to register.

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For more information, contact Drue Winters: [email protected]

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